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Stuff You Didn't Know About Tony Hickey

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Managing Partner of Hickey Lawyers Tony Hickey tells some tales of himself that few people know.

"People are normally surprised when I mention that immediately after finishing year 12 at Aquinas College I went on to train for a year as a Catholic Vincentian priest at a seminary in Sydney. I was probably encouraged in that direction by the influence of the Christian Brothers at Aquinas and the priests at the local Catholic parish at Southport. In fact, one of my first leadership roles was as president of the Southport Altar Boys and I would regularly lead processions in a flowing white robe.

That certainly toughened me up at a young age as I was promptly nicknamed “Sister Hickey” by the rest of my classmates. I studied for one year at the seminary but that was enough to convince me that the monastic life was not for me.

Coming out of the seminary I fell into law as the only other choice was medicine and I fainted at the sight of blood. Fortunately I have loved my career in law.

By nature I am a very competitive person in everything I undertake, which on reflection I do not think is such a good thing. However, that’s the way I am.

Exercise has always been important to me with kick-boxing being my passion. The best part of kick-boxing is sparring with my trainer once a week. Other than that I enjoy running and trying to take money off my mates at golf. I suppose the most important part of my day is a swim in the ocean which I try to do all year round. When I come home from my swim I try to sit on a spot on my veranda and meditate to calm myself down before starting work.

I have been the chairman of the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal Gold Coast for the last 12 years. It has been an enormous privilege to be involved with them."

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